Trying to design a space jet for my short film the passage. This is very much inspired by the design of falke from Ma.K which was recommended to me by one my friends. By no mean I'm a designer nor an artist, just trying to...

2017 is also all about happiness and bigger goals. Because without them life would be boring. Wish everyone a year of many great surprises....

Made an effort this week and learnt the basics of using Clarisse after my friend Ramtin introduced me to the software. very cool piece of technology! For the following scene (test) I started with a simple cube and two free zbrush custom rock brushes that is made by a gentleman called JONAS RONNEGARD. And the rest was done in Clarisse!

Okey! After a week of diving deep into 3DCoat and Foundry Mari for painting and texturing comparison, I decided to choose Mari over 3DCoat to be my primary 3D painting software. Both softwares have great options. The PBR smart material is by far my most favorite tool in 3DCoat.

Learning the workflow between Zbrush, Maya, 3DCoat, is safely done. Rendered with arnold in maya.

Coool! I just spent an hour leaning the PBR smart material in 3DCoat, and I love it. Fast and easy. Im still not clear on the whole general workflow between Zbrush, 3DCoat and Maya! Here's my first attempt, very excited.

This is very much inspired by the Luxy Vespa Helmet designed by Daniel Don Chang. I instantly felt very challenged to do a test when I saw it and learnt a lot while doing it.

Did a quick test, while reading off of arnold document. Amazing renderer, nice contact shadows, very quick turn around to setup a scene. Still need to do more test to get familiar with sampling algorithm. Over all, ACE! thanks to Ramtin Ahmadi for the motivation! And goodbye VRAY!

Okey time for a little more update…I have started this couple of weeks back, based on the amazing art work by Ian Mcque. So far everything is created in zbrush, and I’m enjoying it… more to come…WIP

I love everything about film, specially the cinematography part of this amazing medium. and how the colors are making a significant difference on the narrative of the film. I wanted to turn a simple 3d scene look filmic. This is the first attempt of doing so.  ...